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The influence of modern television, cinema movies, Internet and other mass media on our life is huge, and recently people express their concern about the abundance of violence, aggression, brutal behavior and hostility spreading into our minds from our TVs or computers. A great deal of specialists also point on this significant social problem, underlining that nowadays aggression and violence became very important elements of our media entertainment. Finally, potential damage and harm which can be done to our society as a result of dramatic increase of violence and aggression in our mass media became a threatening community problem not only on national, but also on global level.

ViolenceThe essence of this problem is the fact that seeing a lot of cruelty, hostility and violence in cinemas or television eventually leads to increase of brutal behavior in real life. Sociological researches also demonstrated that there are certain connections between aggression in the media and the one in reality. Moreover, it was discovered that the effects of exposure to aggression in media on not only sensitive people, but also on very well-balanced minds are really significant. That is why it is impossible to underestimate the importance of this issue since it is related to our morality and social safety.

It is very easy to see short-term effects of this problem. Almost every week our news agencies report about the shootings which regularly occur in different cities or states of our country. Also, it is a known fact that children and teenagers are especially sensitive to any negative influences, abuse, hostility or aggression in modern mass media due to their vulnerability and unstable psychology. Such serious short-term effects of being exposed to a lot of violence in the media on children as copying hostile and aggressive behaviors, feeling scared of disturbing images on the TV, resulted in fears to be alone at home, nightmares, depressions, lack of self-confidence and normal social skills, failures in school and inability to achieve success, etc.

AggressionAs to long-term effects of this problem, they usually include possible psychological and mental disorders, increase of alcoholism and drug abuse, joining gangs and being involved in various criminal activities, inadequate social behavior and inability to adopt certain rules, norms, attitudes or values, which are practiced in modern society. But the most threatening and destructive long-term effect of this problem is corrupted imagination about justice, morality and other very important human values, because many teenagers and young people are convinced that excessive amount of violence and brutality in modern mass media is absolutely objective and true reflection of our life.

It is impossible to deny that the problem of abundance of aggression, cruelty and hostility in modern mass media is one of the most topical social concerns of our times. Unfortunately, the studies found out that a great number of people suppose that such possible measures of control as censorship or certain restrictions may not be effective solution for this problem, because this issue is considered to be a matter of individual responsibility of every person or every parent. Nevertheless, current situation requires immediate collaborative efforts directed on lowering the amount of violence in mass media since it puts to a serious danger our safety, peace and even physical survival of the humanity.

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