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Gun Control Issue

February 13th, 2010

For many years the problem of gun control remains among the most controversial and debatable issues due to its multifaceted social, legal, and political backgrounds. Lately this problem attracted a new huge wave of public attention as a response on recent school massacre in Virginia Tech University, which took lives of 33 people, including 5 […]

The influence of modern television, cinema movies, Internet and other mass media on our life is huge, and recently people express their concern about the abundance of violence, aggression, brutal behavior and hostility spreading into our minds from our TVs or computers. A great deal of specialists also point on this significant social problem, underlining […]

Destructive effects of drug and alcohol abuse are well known, but still the problem of drinking and using drugs by American teenagers remains topical in our modern society. The reasons why young people go on intoxicating themselves include their desire to feel grown up, to fit into their social environment, to improve own self-esteem or […]