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Gun Control Issue

February 13th, 2010

For many years the problem of gun control remains among the most controversial and debatable issues due to its multifaceted social, legal, and political backgrounds. Lately this problem attracted a new huge wave of public attention as a response on recent school massacre in Virginia Tech University, which took lives of 33 people, including 5 members of teaching personnel, 27 students and the psychopath-shooter.

Every year in the U.S. thousands of crimes and murders are being committed by using firearms, and hundreds of people are being killed by deliberate shooters. According to the statistics publicized by National Ruffle Association of America, there are about 65-80 million gun owners in our country, who possess in total over 200 million guns. Also, about 45% households in the U.S. have firearms.

There are many supporters of tough gun control policy, who think that it is a good way to reduce the amount of crimes and violence. They criticize the existing legislation and insist on withdrawal of the 2nd Amendment, which protects the right of Americans to bear weapons, including firearms, and on adopting new laws which would limit gun availability. They argue that if anyone has an opportunity to buy and keep guns, there’s a real danger to be killed by an easy-tempered person right on the streets in case of any misunderstanding.

Also, there are numerous opponents of gun control, who argue that it limits the rights of American citizens. They believe that not guns, but criminals commit crimes, and stronger laws would not lower the amount of violence, because law enforcement won’t neutralize the criminals. They underline that guns may serve for protection, and it can be a good idea to keep firearms at home for own safety in case of a robbery or other danger. They say that historically it was easy to get a gun in our country, and there were no forms, licenses, or waiting periods. At the same time the amount of crimes was respectively small.

On the other hand, the authorities of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are sure that tougher laws and procedures of receiving permission to purchase guns could have prevented the tragedy in Virginia Tech University. Director of this organization Josh Gorvitz underlines that American executives “…need to put a premium on protecting the public and saving lives, not catering to a gun lobby that seeks unrestricted access to firearms..”

Therefore, there are some opposing viewpoints on the problem of gun control, and it is up to an individual to make a decision, what really makes sense in such public discussion. To my mind, the most acceptable way is to implement some measures directed on adopting reasonable gun regulations or, probably, placing some limitations on bearing firearms. But, certainly, such measures must not be radical and must not make anybody feel oppressed.

Recent horrible event in Virginia Tech University is the best prove of the fact that violence is absolutely real and very serious threat to a human life in our country. It is very important to mobilize the efforts and do everything possible in order to control this problem, to strengthen our gun control laws and to lower the amount of aggression and violence spreading around from our mass media.

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